Appstat - App Store Sales & Analytics on your Mac

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With Appstat, your apps' status, proceeds, and analytics are just one click away. It lives in your Mac's status bar and, when clicked, displays all the apps you have for sale and how much you are making with each one.

Once you try Appstat you'll wonder how you ever monitored app sales without it!

For App Developers This app only fully functions if you are a developer with an active subscription with Apple.

With just a click, Appstat displays all of the following information about your apps:

  • Name and platform
  • Average proceeds per day (including in-app purchases)
  • Average unit sales per day (including free apps)
  • Bundle identifier and SKU
  • Your app's website
  • Original release date and time on the store
  • Latest version number and time on the store
  • Rate at which people rate your app (ratings/month)
  • Latest version rating
  • Overall app rating
  • Device distribution based on purchases
  • Country distribution based on purchases
  • Chart of proceeds over time
  • Average proceeds per day
  • Projected proceeds per month and year
  • Chart of unit sales over time and projections
  • Chart of updates over time
  • Latest builds uploaded to TestFlight

All stats are linked to the appropriate section of Apple's developer site, making Appstat a great launchpad.

Total store proceeds are also displayed:

  • Average total proceeds per day (and standard deviation)
  • Projected total proceeds per month (estimated using a configurable amount of history)
  • Projected total proceeds per year

Now you can see how you're doing month by month or year by year. They're just projections so take them with a grain of salt!

Security and privacy were taken seriously and baked into every step:

  • No usernames or passwords needed! Appstat will never collect these and instead uses API keys generated securely on App Store Connect.
  • All account settings are encrypted locally on your machine for your privacy.
  • Absolutely no data is stored on the machine except those encrypted account settings. Everything is done in-memory and all data is lost when the app is closed.
  • Only uses encrypted communication with Apple servers and never transmits any data to anyone else (especially not me, I don't want it).
  • Doesn't waste battery or network time and fetches data only when you need it.

I hope you love it!

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App sales and analytics menu for macOS

Only for Apple Developers selling on the App Store
macOS 10.12+
Hardened for macOS 10.15, use "NonHardened" for 10.14 and earlier
Free for v1.x
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Appstat - App Store Sales & Analytics on your Mac

15 ratings
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